Sponsorship and Volunteers

In those early years, even though the game was gaining momentum and fans filled the seats, the sponsoring Fresno 20-30 Club was deeply in debt. A group of sports and civic-minded men approached a gentleman by the name of Loren H. McFarland, Sr. to chair the newly organized Central California All Star Football Committee. The Committee assumed the debts of the 20-30 Club and in 1959 sponsored the fifth All Star Game.

McFarland, who was a local insurance executive, businessman, civic leader and Shriner, proved to be the driving force the game needed. Because of his over-abundant energy and devotion to the game, the All Star Game became a resounding success. More importantly, the original goals remain the same. First, to showcase the considerable talent of the finest football players our high schools have to offer. Secondly, to raise money for local charities. And lastly, to provide football fans of the Valley an enjoyable summer evening of great football.

ESPN Radio - Game Sponsor


Fogg, Maxwell, Lanier & Remington - Game Sponsor

Fogg, Maxwell, Lanier and Remington

Baker, Manock & Jensen - Game Sponsor

Baker, Manock & Jensen

Fansler Restaurant Group - Game Sponsor


John and Barbara Smith - Game Sponsor